The Culture Care Meaning of Comfort for Ethnically Diverse Nursing Students in the Educational Setting
Lynne K. Zajac PhD, RN

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Zajac, L. K. (2015). The culture care meaning of comfort for ethnically diverse nursing students in the educational setting. Online Journal of Cultural Competence in Nursing and Healthcare, 5(1), 88-103. doi:10.9730/

Abstract: Ethnically diverse nursing students face unique challenges and stressors in the academic environment. Comfort as it is culturally de ned and contextually in uenced may provide relief from stressors. Faculty understanding of diverse nursing student comfort care needs may improve educational outcomes. The purpose of this qualitative enthnonursing study was to examine the culture care meaning of comfort for ethnically diverse nursing students in the academic setting. The study was guided by the Culture Care Theory (CCT) and used the enthnonursing research method. Twenty one informants participated in semi-structured interviews. Transcribed audio-tapes, field notes, and participant artifacts were analyzed using Leininger’s four phases of analysis and qualitative criteria. Five themes supported by 13 patterns identify similar and diverse expressions of comfort care. CCT decision and action recommendations guide nurse educators in providing culturally congruent nursing care for ethnically diverse nursing students.

Keywords: comfort, culture care theory, ethnonursing research, nursing education, diverse nursing students

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