Experiential Learning: An Undergraduate Nursing Study Abroad Program to Costa Rica
Maureen C. Roller, DNP, RN, ANP-BC
Helen C. Ballestas, PhD, RN, ANP-BC

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Roller, M. C., & Ballestas, H. C. (2015). Experiential learning: An undergraduate nursing study abroad program to Costa Rica. Online Journal of Cultural Competence in Nursing and Healthcare, 5(1), 75-87. doi: 10.9730/ojccnh.org/v5i1a6

Abstract: Client populations are becoming diverse in the United States. Nurses need to be well equipped to care for these clients. Becoming culturally competent and recognizing diversity should be an aspect of all undergraduate-nursing programs. Experiential study abroad programs are an excellent way to introduce concepts of cultural competency among undergraduate nursing students in baccalaureate programs. This study explores experiential learning experiences of undergraduate baccalaureate nursing students in a one-week immersion study abroad program among the people and culture of San Jose, Costa Rica during spring break. The major purpose of this study was to capture the essence of feelings, thoughts, values and reflection necessary for personal and professional growth. In turn, new and exciting pedagogical teaching methodologies may be derived. This may create an exciting and rewarding educational opportunity at the undergraduate baccalaureate level that encourages the development of cultural competency.

Keywords: Hispanic or Latino, study abroad, cultural competency, undergraduate baccalaureate nursing programs, experiential learning

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