Opened My Eyes: The Meaning of an Immersion Experience for Currently Practicing Nurses
Carmen Inguilli, MN, RN, BSN
Dawn Doutrich, PhD, RN, CNS
Carol Allen, PhD, RN
Lida Dekker, MN, RN, CNM

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Ingulli, C., Doutrich, D., Allen, C., & Dekker, L. (2014). Opened my eyes: The meaning of an immersion experience for currently practicing nurses. Online Journal of Cultural Competence in Nursing and Healthcare, 4(1), 6-16. doi:10.9730/

Abstract: Nursing students embark on immersion experiences for many different reasons. The meaning of an immersion experience as a nursing student to four currently practicing nurses and the care they provide was explored and analyzed for themes as a pilot study in order to increase understanding of the potential long-term impact of these experiences. Using a hermeneutic approach to analyze narrative data, three overarching themes emerged: changing my practice, learning to see beneath the surface, and appreciating one's context. The phrase 'opened my eyes' was commonly used by each of the participants and will be discussed further in terms of its influence on nursing practice. There are potential implications for nursing education, as understanding about the long-term impact that participating in a cultural immersion experience has on nurses and as nursing practice increases.

Keywords: Nursing students, immersion, culture, nursing education

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