Submitting for Dollars: Playing the Funding Game to Promote Transcultural Nursing
Roxanne Amerson, PhD, RN, CTN-A, CNE

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Amerson, R. (2013). Submitting for dollars: Playing the funding game to promote transcultural nursing. Online Journal of Cultural Competence in Nursing and Healthcare, 3(3), pp. 16-23. doi:10.9730/

Abstract: Research requires funding, and every researcher understands the crucial role that money plays in implementing a research study. Research in the nursing field is no different. In the current economic environment, funding sources have become limited and researchers need to be prepared to submit grant proposals which will give them a competitive edge over other grant proposals. This paper will describe the development of a grant proposal for National Institutes of Health funding and provide suggestions to novice researchers about how to write a proposal that has the potential to receive a fundable score. The team of early stage investigators in this study submitted a proposal which received a fundable score, but was not selected for funding. The proposal was revised and resubmitted, and received a highly competitive score that did result in funding. The lessons that the researchers learned from this process can be useful for other nurses seeking to secure funding for their research projects.

Keywords: grant proposals, Guatemala, National Institutes of Health, research proposal, transcultural nursing

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