Lourdes Quiason Reyes
Nursing in a New Land: Acculturation and Job Satisfaction Among Filipino Registered Nurses Working in Skilled Nursing Facilities
Lourdes Quiason Reyes, MS, RN
Jayne Cohen, PhD, RN, WHNP-BC

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Abstract: This study investigated the relationship between the level of acculturation and job satisfaction among Filipino immigrants working as registered nurses (RNs) in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) in the South San Francisco Bay Area (SSFBA). This research utilized a cross-sectional, descriptive, correlational, quantitative design to assess the two variables under investigation. Participants included 42 Filipino immigrant RNs, working in 13 SNFs, in SSFBA. Written surveys included: ?A Short Acculturation Scale for Filipino Americans (ASASFA) and Part B of the Index of Work Satisfaction Scale (IWS). The participants had an acculturation level closer to the American culture than the Filipino culture; however, their job satisfaction level was neutral and had no relationship to acculturation. The acculturation and job satisfaction levels of the participants might have been influenced by environmental factors that Filipino immigrants were exposed to in their home country and number of years in the United States.

Keywords: Filipino registered nurses, immigrants, job satisfaction, acculturation, skilled nursing facilities

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